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Blended Bamboo & Cotton Info
close up image to aid explanation of material construction

fabric description
Bamboo is a wonderfully sustainable plant and offers many environmental benefits. It regenerates very quickly (one year to full growth), it also grows densely, so its yield per acre is 30 times that of cotton. An acre of bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than that of a comparable acre of trees. It is drought tolerant and so far has not been proven to require irrigation. A huge organic benefit of bamboo is that it does not require pesticides or fertilizers. Bamboo as a textile is a fairly new development. The textile is not normally made from the fibers of the plant, but instead, a yarn is spun from the bamboo cellulose. As a textile fabric, Bamboo is very resilient and durable. Compared to cotton and polyester, it is found to have a high breaking tenacity, better moisture-wicking properties, and better moisture absorption. Our cotton/bamboo blend takes ink well, is very breathable, has a nice hand and because twill drapes the best of all the weaves, this fabric has a nice flow and a silky drape.
fabric technical details
  • Weave - Twill
  • Composition - 90% Cotton 10% Bamboo
  • Origin (weave) - Italy
  • Origin (print/dye) - Italy
  • Pre-Shrunk - Yes
  • Additional Shrinkage - Low (1-3%)
  • Wrinkle Resistance - Very High
  • Care - Standard Launder / See: Garment Care
  • Colorfast Level - Strong
The Happiness Guarantee

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