Detail photo - blue Basketweave cotton textile


Grayscale diagram of yarn pattern in Basketweave Cloth fabric
Detail photo - blue Basketweave cotton textile

Basketweave is a derivative of plain weaves, in which groups of warp and weft threads are interfaced so that they form a simple criss-cross pattern. Can often be identified by its checkerboard appearance. (The fibers and yarns used dictate the properties of the finished fabric, but) Because basketweave often uses thicker yarns (than plain weave) or the yarns are grouped together in pairs, it can result in a material that is thick and strong and has visual and surface texture qualities resembling a woven basket - this is where the name originates from. When the groups of yarns are equal, the basketweave is termed regular, otherwise, it is termed irregular. Because of the high yarn count &/or that it is often woven loosely, can initially be stronger and more pliable than plain weave, but ultimately often be less durable than plain weave and prone to fraying easily. An example of basketweave would be Monk’s cloth. A heavy and course four under and over even strand (called floats) weave that was used for draperies in the ’40s but now used chiefly for Swedish weaving crafts. When done as a lightweight or mid-weight fabric and using a loose weave, can be known as a Panama weave - used in tropical hats and suiting.
  • Weave - Plain > Basket Weave (80/2)
  • Composition - 100% Cotton
  • Pre-Shrunk - Yes
  • Additional Shrinkage - Very Low (1%)
  • Wrinkle Resistance - Medium
  • Care - Standard Launder / See: Garment Care
  • Colorfast Level - Very Strong
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