Detail photo - blue & White houndstooth pattern in cotton Fabric


Grayscale diagram illustrating yarn pattern Houndstooth fabric
Detail photo - blue & White houndstooth pattern in cotton Fabric

fabric description
Denotes a family of patterns, of which, it, itself belongs to the larger twill family. Contemporary history traces it back to a woven tweed from the Scotish lowlands, but there is evidence that its history goes as far back as 100 BC. Houndstooth. Also known as ‘Shepherd’s check’ it is a traditional duotone pattern that gets its name because its broken check creates an abstract four-pointed shape that resemblances a dog’s tooth. Made with alternating bands of four dark and four light threads in both warp and weft/filling woven in a simple 2:2 twill, two over/two under the warp, advancing one thread each pass. The way the dark and light yarns interact with the twill creates the ‘tooth’. This figure created by the weave is called a tessellation (tiling) and is then repeated out, with no overlaps, to form a larger collection of patterns Sometimes known by the French name “Pied de poule”, which means “foot of hen”. A more decorative weave than others, whose weaves are based on function. A handsome and masculine pattern that is often taken as a symbol of high-quality fashion.
fabric technical details
  • Weave - Twill > Houndstooth
  • Composition - 100% Cotton
  • Origin (weave) - Italy
  • Origin (print/dye) - Italy
  • Pre-Shrunk - Yes
  • Additional Shrinkage - Very Low (1%)
  • Wrinkle Resistance - Low/Medium
  • Care - Standard Launder / See: Garment Care
  • Colorfast Level - Very Strong