Detail photo - blue Interlocking Knit in cotton Fabric


Grayscale diagram illustrating yarn loops in interlocking knit fabric
Detail photo - blue Interlocking Knit in cotton Fabric

Interlocked knits are soft, have good comfort, breathability and absorbency. Because of the nature of their construction, they have good built-in stretch, recovery and retain their original shape over time. This material tends to hang quite well from the body making it an ideal and common material for casual and activewear garments. A variation of the rib knit. Interlock knits are a compound fabric. Made by interlocking two simpler single yarn ribbed knits together using two needles that continually cross over each other. This continuously inter-looped knitting together of the yarn from each fabric interlock the two rows of looped stitches together creating duplicate symmetrical rows above and below which is what creates the resulting cumulative braided fabric. This process of interlocking two separate fabrics together is why it is sometimes referred to as a double knit and results in a fabric that is thicker than regular knit fabric. This thickness and the materials inherent stability means that it is durable over time and less likely to curl. Interlock knits have the same texture and smooth appearance on both sides.
  • Construction Type: Knit > Interlock
  • Shrinkage Characteristics: Preshrunk 3% / Untreated 7-10%
  • Wrinkle Resistance:  Average
  • Colorfast Level: Average / Strong
  • Care: Standard Launder / See Garment Care