Detail photo - Multi colored modacrylic Fiber Knit Pile Fabric


Grayscale diagram illustrating yarn pattern in modacrylic Fiber Knit Pile Fabric
Detail photo - Multi colored modacrylic Fiber Knit Pile Fabric

Simulated animal fur is a pile fabric often known as modacrylics. It is commonly made from acrylic polymer fibers that have been processed, dyed, and cut. To convert the fibers into a garment. four different techniques can be employed. The most basic way is the weaving method, where the fibers are looped through and interlaced with the backing fabric. The benefit of this method is that it can produce a wide range of shapes. Another method of fake fur production is called tufting. It is similar to weaving; however, it produces garments at a much higher rate of speed. sliver knitting is another method that utilizes the same equipment used in jersey knitting. This makes it the fastest and most economical of all the fake fur garment production techniques, and it is also the one most used by manufacturers. of fake fur garment production. They are light-weight and springy, imparting a fluffy quality to the garment, They are also highly resistant to heat, sunlight, soot, and smoke are strong and resilient, and show good stability during laundering. Since they are thermoplastic polymers, they can be heat-set. They resist mildew and are not susceptible to attack from insects. These polymers also have very low moisture absorbency and will dry quickly. The fabric is heat set for improved stability, polished with wire brushes known as tigering, sheared with helical knives, and polished by electrocution.
  • Weave - Tufted
  • Composition - 100% Polymeric Fiber
  • Origin (weave) - Spain
  • Origin (print/dye) - Spain
  • Pre-Shrunk - N/A
  • Additional Shrinkage - N/A
  • Wrinkle Resistance - N/A
  • Care - Standard Launder / See: Garment Care
  • Colorfast Level - Excellent