Plain weave can also be known as a “Classic Weave” - the Simplest and most common of the three most basic fundamental weaves. Interlaced warp and weft yarns cross each other in a pattern of one over and one under. Because of the high number of (perpendicular) crossings, each thread gives maximum support to the adjacent threads. Plain weave is stronger and firmer than any other ordinary weave. Both sides are identical (reversible). Because of the even consistency of it’s surface texture, When threads of similar thickness are used, it is known as a “Balanced Weave”. This produces a textile that has a smooth, even surface with a minimum of texture that makes a good base for printed patterns. In shirting, often woven with poplin. Dimensionally stable / moderate tear strength.
  • Weave - Plain
  • Composition - 100% Cotton
  • Pre-Shrunk - Yes
  • Additional Shrinkage - Low (1-3%)
  • Wrinkle Resistance - Medium
  • Care - Standard Launder / See: Garment Care
  • Colorfast Level - Strong